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Hello, it’s december…

22 Dec


So life has been hectic. Very Hectic. Extremely Hectic.

The thing is, I kind of love it. Being busy all of the time. It gives me a purpose to crawl out of bed in the, lets not lie here, middle of the day.

So here’s a quick list of what I’ve been up to (and some retrospective advice):

1. Went to Alton Towers for the first time. Go on The Smiler. It’s brilliant.

2. I rejoined scouting. Hence the Alton Towers. It is so much fun. Network isn’t just drinking despite the stereotype.

3. I have a lot more work to do. It’s second year I shouldn’t be surprised really.

4. Some of that work involved film making. That culminated in a group piece that I directed and am actually proud of.

5. GTAV exists. Don’t judge me on my video game choice.

6. Life in general oh my god I want a lie in.

7. Christmas. That is all.


Ask.fm: it really isn’t the problem

9 Aug
the login screen for ask.fm

the login screen for ask.fm

Once again I need to have a political rant aimed at our pm. It’s not that I hate David Cameron, it’s just that at the minute he’s being a fool when it comes to online polices.

One of the biggest news stories in the UK at the minute is another suicide due to cyber-bullying. Continue reading

7 films in 7 weeks

5 Apr

s1250029.jpgSo I’ve been a busy bee the last month or so. The Easter holidays are underway and I’ve finally found the time to explain what I’ve been up to. Continue reading