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Here I stand

12 Sep

ImageFilm and television studies at Aberystwyth, the best decision I have ever made. Looking back, it’s one of the first decision’s I’ve made that were truly my own. Not that of those around me, mine. 

Yes I liked science. Yes biology would have been more respected academically. Did I want to do that? No.

Yes  I could have been a nurse. Yes it would have gotten me a job more easily. Was that my idea? Certainly not. Mother likes to meddle in her child’s lives. 

Yes my grades influenced my choices. Yes I could have worked harder and done something else. Would I be happy? Not at all.

Yes I could have gone to different uni. Yes even one that is “better” than where I am. Does that make me a fool? Maybe. I’m not sure that’s important though. 

There are so many little things that have lead me here. Begging my second year I see that now. Wanting to impress a guy, wanting to ignore others, most of all wanting to be me. Wanting to create, wanting to question, wanting to live my life. 

So here I stand, looking backward. No regrets. Content. 

To all the kids applying this year, make your decision. Not anyone else’s. 

This for this weeks weekly writing challenge. 


Weekly writing challenge: I remember

5 Aug

I remember

It was late 2008, maybe early 2009. Those were the days, the days that we spent, singing, laughing and loving every moment we weren’t in class. 20 minutes in the morning and then 45 for lunch so about an hour a day and that was all it took. A group of friends we were the perfect misfits. Well actually we called ourselves the ninjas until some idiot tried to blame me for coining the term lunch crew. I hated that phrase at the time and I still do. Ninjas are cool. Crews live on boats.

Words were flying across the group, not quite chaotic nonsense but hey we were teenagers so not far from it. In our normal room. I wish we’d taken more pictures in there.  For the briefest moment we tuned all of that out, lost in our own little world of head phones and iPods. We were talking about our favourite songs at the time and it was just after I had given up and given in. A decision I will forever regret as of a few weeks after this event when words were said in the far off land of the school ski trip to Austria. Words not registered that we have never spoken of since. You will never know how sorry am I for that night.

Either way back to the songs. My taste hasn’t changed, it is still Stockholm Syndrome and I will probably continue to love Muse for some time. You still like the band yours was by; I have no idea if it is still your favourite though. Walking Disaster, by Sum 41. You put my headphones in your iPod and told me to tell you when it really kicked in. Then there was the air drumming, guitaring and general loving of the song.

“It’s not as good because it’s the live version.”


I wish I could have appreciated that moment at the time. Instead It’s here, crystal clear in my head yet most likely distorted by my mind given how many times it’s been repeated.

Hey look it auto-corrected the ps in iPod to be capitals. I guess that’s branding for you.

Also yes software, favourite has a u in it. I am English for God’s sake.

This is my response to this weeks weekly writing challenge, if you couldn’t tell.

Creation and Documenting the self.

27 Jul

Looking back over the past few months of my blog I’m helpless to a small smile that is on my face. I have hit 69 subscribers. 69… yes I’m laughing at that number but more importantly I’m smiling about it.

As primarily a writer, partially a film maker and a photographer I love nothing more than creation. As a human being, specifically a teenage girl, I feel some need for recognition and attention for the things I have created, not to mention the confusing need to document all of it. I have’t really got anything to play on, I’m as normal as a geek can get, pretty well off and relatively content. Well as content as one can be.

Put simply this is a thank you to all of you. To many people out there 69 certainly isn’t a lot but when you struggle with social stuff in general 69 means a lot. Despite that fact I’m giggling still at 69, It’s kind of nice knowing that out there someone is reading and watching and wanting to see more of what I have to do.

Thank you, it means a lot guys 🙂

Arcon: Character creation part one

10 Dec

I previously mentioned I have begun designing a fictitious universe called Arcon. There’s very little to say about what I will be writing other then that and character names which will be given their own post at some later point simply because there’s a lot I haven’t planned out yet.

Evernote Snapshot 20121210 200005As a reader I have a thing for well developed characters, something I also have a passion for in film. Therefore It seems pretty obvious to me that I need to develop some good characters of my own if I hope to get anywhere with the writing I have planned. Continue reading

Question #1: A whole new world.

7 Dec

So part of my writing process at the moment involves the creation of a universe. There are so many little details that I feel the need to get right, continuity and such.

One of the best ways to keep all of this organised is to ask myself questions about it all. What is going to be the central setting of the piece? How am I going to keep characters in such a foreign landscape relate-able? How am I going to accurately portray something I have not yet and probably never will experience? How am I going to prevent too many similarities between my own work and another’s, or real life for that matter? Continue reading

I’m alive! Yet slightly annoyed.

31 Jul

OK so I haven’t blogged for a while, I guess I just get distracted and carried away with things. A lot has changed since I’ve last touched my account.Both about me and my situation in life. An additional family member came to be on May 20th with the adoption of our beautiful dog Zoey. I have completed my A level exams and am praying to be off to Aberyswyth University in September. Overall life seems to be getting along alright.  Continue reading