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Student Motivation: The overall lack of.

11 Apr

In all honesty I’m not the best example of this because I actually do things with my time I volunteer with cubs, I’m on the committee of a society, I get reasonable grades… oh god it’s all a lie.

I had to use my camping cutlery and plates because I just don’t care about washing up. I’ve never done more than 200 words of an assignment earlier than the day before it was in. I did one at 9 am for a midday deadline. Seriously how do people get themselves out of bed in the morning without a lecture to go to. Even then Thursday 9ams tend to get neglected. I do 8 hours of lectures a week as a film student and my god can I not be bothered. 

Hi there did you know that digital journalism blah blah blah blahblah…… IT’S 11 AM OKAY NO ONE CARES I SHOULD BE ASLEEP.