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Tumblr, oversimplified.

11 Sep

ImageI really don’t get tumblr. I never know who to follow, what to post what to repost. I just don’t get it. It makes me wonder if I’m old.  Continue reading


Christmas in August, the wonderful world of the supermarket.

1 Sep
One of the more... interesting, decorations we've had on our tree.

One of the more… interesting, decorations we’ve had on our tree.

Yesterday I did the weekly food shop with my family at an unnamed supermarket and I noticed something… interesting. Selection boxes and chocolate Advent calendars. I’m not joking. Continue reading

Ask.fm: it really isn’t the problem

9 Aug
the login screen for ask.fm

the login screen for ask.fm

Once again I need to have a political rant aimed at our pm. It’s not that I hate David Cameron, it’s just that at the minute he’s being a fool when it comes to online polices.

One of the biggest news stories in the UK at the minute is another suicide due to cyber-bullying. Continue reading

Parental Responsibility: Why I shouldn’t have to tell my ISP I want to watch porn.

28 Jul

Our Prime minister David Cameron’s twitter picture, because he’s so down with the kids that he is helping them spend less time being hassled by their parents.

At what point did it become anyone else’s job to look after your kids than yours?  Other than going to school and paying for child care NO ONES. Continue reading