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“I never had an…

2 Sep

“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”

Stand By Me, Based on The Body by Stephen King.


Home again, the garden this time

14 Aug

A sky heavy with grey clouds showing a bright sun hangs overhead today. There’s a soft breeze drifting through the air, cutting through the slight warmth of the day and making the tress sway and ruffle lightly. The blackbirds hidden within its branches seem undisturbed by this, in all honesty they would most likely be sat on the grass or pecking at the feeder if it weren’t for my presence.

last summer

Last summer, I think most likely late may early June these purple flowers were in full bloom and I recall seeing them even more glorious this year. One morning, more like early this June, I can remember being awake at an ungodly hour of the morning, being a teenager and having friends who don’t believe in sleep untill 4 am does this too you. I was wide awake around 5am and staring out through the sliding glass doors Into the dimly lit world outside, whilst three sleeping friends were slumped on the sofa and a blow up matress. Without a breeze the shortly trimmed grass, the newly budding flowers and tress just past the fance seemed unnaturally still, and for the first time in my life I can truly say I sat still and watched the world go by. The light slowly brightened, as the sun rose in this part of the world, and the greens became beautiful and in contrast to the sheer colour of the flowers visible from my delicate perch.The purple flowers seemed black from the small distance and in the dim shade of light, for a brief moment they seemed like the most visually asthetic thing I had ever seen.

Now however, only a month and a few weeks later they are gone and the leaves shrivled, the texture of an oak leaf in winter. Curled, brown and completely useless to its purpose. This may be due to early blooming or to the lack of rain for a long period of the british summer. Either way the plant itself is possibly going to die and with my lack of knowledge on what to do with it there is little I can do to change that fact. The bigger question that lays before me is why on earth I find this of any importance.

A history trip to london.

This picture of my life is from a particularly memorable day in London on a school history trip to the imperial war museum. That was a few years ago now, and it strikes me as sad that one of the people I spoke to alot on that day is someone I barely see anymore. However two of them became better friends from it, so I geuss when it comes to these things you can only look forward, and hope.