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The Dangers of Google and Why I’m Glad to Not be the One in Ten.

18 Sep

Well technically I’m a four in five, but never in my life have I been so happy to fall into a statistic. Just to be clear I love Google. I’m a student for God’s sake. Passing grades happen to go hand in hand with Google scholar. (I also share a birthday with it and always get a fun logo that day.)  Continue reading



3 Sep



Not the raw unadulterated scream of a teenager

Not the scuttle of the spiders legs

Not the deep endless dark patrolled by the ranger

Not the large alien hatching eggs.




Not the thumping of the running

Not the nearly endless chase

Not the plan that thrives on cunning

Not the potential of death’s embrace.




But the sitting hear waiting

But the not knowing what to do

But the corrdiors that become grating

But the analytic review


Help me


I don’t know what is coming next

I don’t know if I’m okay

I don’t know how it got so complex

I don’t know how to keep the fear at bay.


This is my response to the daily prompt: Help

The nightmare: Hands

12 Aug

Scratch scratch scratch.

Hear the crack of Thunder

alone in the dense darkness,

be careful not to plunder.


Toss toss turn.

Shut the world out in the dead of night

don’t open your eyes, keep them shut.

Try to get to sleep and carry on the fight.


Shout shatter scream.

Don’t let the nightmare close in,

focus now, the trees wooden tendrils

scratching the window, jagged and thin.


Tap tap tap.

Straining the thin glass panels,

hearing it smash, break it all up.

Fear, try not to dampen the flannel.


Pant pant pant.

Reaching out to you clawing,

try not to scream as the hands wrap around.

Can you feel them gnawing?


This is my response to today’s daily prompt: hands