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Morganville Monday: me being a fangirl.

2 Sep

The first 11 books in the series

So a while ago now before my GCSE’s (I’m nearly 20 now… ew) I borrowed The Glass House by Rachel Caine  from my school library. Continue reading


Budgeted life: Books

28 Aug

50p at a carboot recently. Not my typical choice but a good read.

As a student I have to keep to budget which can lead to a few problems. Luckily enough for me I don’t really drink  and I love to cook which Immediately leaves me without the prominent problems of most students. However as well as being a student I am also a bit of a geek. (Hence the visit to MCM Biringham earlier this year)  Continue reading


9 Aug

Heart beating one hundered million miles an hour

Spinning and dreaming you are worlds away.


In the battle room, testing out your new suit

Using both hands you swing the vorpal sword.

Briefly in awe of the feline in boots,

living a life that never leaves you bored.


You sit upon the Iron Throne

Let Mr Darcy take your hand

Wish Big Brother would leave you alone

The Hectic Glow are your favourite Band.


Running from topiary at the overlook

see the old and yellow wedding cake.

Struggling to make sense of scottish gobbledygook,

time to kill the basilisk, the big bad snake.


Where do the ducks go when it’s frozen?

Time to simply walk through middle earth.

To enter the games, you were chosen

Standing with Gavroche, proving your worth.


There it is, the magic of words.

There you are, transformed and transported.


This is my response to today’s Daily Prompt. 

Books, a passion ongoing.

24 Jun

secondhand bookshop in WarwickshireHaving recently moved flats at university from halls into my own little flat that is gratefully lacking in unbearable people (there’s always a few in first year) I have come to realize something. I have too much stuff. Most notably, books. Continue reading