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Getting old and sharing a birthday with google.

26 Sep

ImageExcuse me while I go sick up the old. At quarter to five in the morning on the 27th of September 2013 I will be twenty. It is currently six minutes past midnight on the 27th of September. No longer a teenager. 

Ew. Continue reading


The Dangers of Google and Why I’m Glad to Not be the One in Ten.

18 Sep

Well technically I’m a four in five, but never in my life have I been so happy to fall into a statistic. Just to be clear I love Google. I’m a student for God’s sake. Passing grades happen to go hand in hand with Google scholar. (I also share a birthday with it and always get a fun logo that day.)  Continue reading

Tumblr, oversimplified.

11 Sep

ImageI really don’t get tumblr. I never know who to follow, what to post what to repost. I just don’t get it. It makes me wonder if I’m old.  Continue reading

WordPress, I owe you one.

3 Sep


Thank you, all 100 of you… God 100 people care about what I have to say? Really? Holy armadillo batman!

Seriously though, thank you. It means a lot guys and it’s a great milestone to hit.  I’d say more but I’m busy blogging…

Morganville Monday: me being a fangirl.

2 Sep

The first 11 books in the series

So a while ago now before my GCSE’s (I’m nearly 20 now… ew) I borrowed The Glass House by Rachel Caine  from my school library. Continue reading

Budgeted life: Books

28 Aug

50p at a carboot recently. Not my typical choice but a good read.

As a student I have to keep to budget which can lead to a few problems. Luckily enough for me I don’t really drink  and I love to cook which Immediately leaves me without the prominent problems of most students. However as well as being a student I am also a bit of a geek. (Hence the visit to MCM Biringham earlier this year)  Continue reading

Ask.fm: it really isn’t the problem

9 Aug
the login screen for ask.fm

the login screen for ask.fm

Once again I need to have a political rant aimed at our pm. It’s not that I hate David Cameron, it’s just that at the minute he’s being a fool when it comes to online polices.

One of the biggest news stories in the UK at the minute is another suicide due to cyber-bullying. Continue reading