Hitting the wall and getting past it.

12 Sep

ImageThis week I’ve been unusual stressed due to personal issues and it means that I’ve really struggled to get a post out. I managed a little rant about not getting tumblr, despite which I still use it to oggle celebrities and youtubers and the like. I just don’t have it in me, but I guess I have to try. Continue reading


Tumblr, oversimplified.

11 Sep

ImageI really don’t get tumblr. I never know who to follow, what to post what to repost. I just don’t get it. It makes me wonder if I’m old.  Continue reading


3 Sep



Not the raw unadulterated scream of a teenager

Not the scuttle of the spiders legs

Not the deep endless dark patrolled by the ranger

Not the large alien hatching eggs.




Not the thumping of the running

Not the nearly endless chase

Not the plan that thrives on cunning

Not the potential of death’s embrace.




But the sitting hear waiting

But the not knowing what to do

But the corrdiors that become grating

But the analytic review


Help me


I don’t know what is coming next

I don’t know if I’m okay

I don’t know how it got so complex

I don’t know how to keep the fear at bay.


This is my response to the daily prompt: Help

WordPress, I owe you one.

3 Sep


Thank you, all 100 of you… God 100 people care about what I have to say? Really? Holy armadillo batman!

Seriously though, thank you. It means a lot guys and it’s a great milestone to hit.  I’d say more but I’m busy blogging…


“I never had an…

2 Sep

“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”

Stand By Me, Based on The Body by Stephen King.

Morganville Monday: me being a fangirl.

2 Sep

The first 11 books in the series

So a while ago now before my GCSE’s (I’m nearly 20 now… ew) I borrowed The Glass House by Rachel Caine  from my school library. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

2 Sep

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea