The Dangers of Google and Why I’m Glad to Not be the One in Ten.

18 Sep

Well technically I’m a four in five, but never in my life have I been so happy to fall into a statistic. Just to be clear I love Google. I’m a student for God’s sake. Passing grades happen to go hand in hand with Google scholar. (I also share a birthday with it and always get a fun logo that day.) 

The point is that I found a lump. I had to go to the doctors. I had to have a blood test. I had to wait a week for the results. I had to know what was wrong with my blood but not what that meant. I had to simply have mild anemia. I had to have worried about it and blow it out of proportion.

Most of all I had to google it.

Now if it had been anemia I had goggled, not that I would need to, I wouldn’t have worried too much. However that just isn’t my style. I did the wonderful thing of goggling a symptom before talking a GP. Do your self a favor and never do that. It doesn’t help.

A lump in the armpit can be near enough anything because that’s where you’re lymph-nodes are. It could have been anything from an infection to lymphoma or breast cancer. Around 80% aren’t lymphoma, leaving me with a worryingly high 20% chance. 1 in 5. Not what you want to read at all really.

So I talked to my family and went in to see the doctor. Her initial thought was that it was an infection that just hadn’t cleared yet. She scheduled a blood test that happened the following week which I have to say I was nervous about. It was the first blood test that I have had in my living memory, apparently I had a few when I was younger. That went fine but then came the waiting.

That was the longest week of my life.

This morning I called in to ask about the results. The receptionist told me a doctor would call me back to talk to me about a poor blood count. Which I also googled.

An hour later I hung up the phone and never have I been so relieved. I have a little less hemoglobin than I should and am borderline anemic. So I guess I’ll just have to eat more spinach and steak. Maybe have an iron tablet or two. At the end of the day I am pretty much fine. If the lump changes or becomes painful I need to go back but for now. I am okay. I am a four in five and for once in my life I’m fine with being the normal one.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t goggle it. Call up your doctor. Less worries. Quicker treatment if something is wrong. Problem solved.


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