Morganville Monday: me being a fangirl.

2 Sep

The first 11 books in the series

So a while ago now before my GCSE’s (I’m nearly 20 now… ew) I borrowed The Glass House by Rachel Caine  from my school library. I then spent a fair bit of money Dead girls Dance  and  Midnight Alley. Then I got my mother reading them and well… I love them so much. I got caught up to the point where Bite Club released and then took a break because there weren’t anymore at the time.

Last week I cam home to Coventry having been sorting out stuff in my student flat before hand. I had originally been reading Ender’s Game in prep for the movie but got sidetracked by One Day. I finished that and then I noticed something on mum’s bookshelf. Last Breath and Black Dawn.

I had one of those wonderful moments that was like remembering an old love. I’ve got the next two on order and I cannot wait for Daylighters to come out in November.I then however had another problem… the fandom.

Unlike with most fandom’s it was not the fan’s who I had a problem with, rather the lack of them.  I can’t help but feel that (based on the lack of fanfiction and tumblr presence) there really isn’t enough love for this series.

I understand there is a massive amount of prejudice in the media about the supernatural teen romance but those people clearly haven’t read these books. You’ve got a great set or characters with an original premise and face paced action. I can’t ask for much more really!

P.S. I ship Clyrnin. Myrnin is easily the best character

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