Christmas in August, the wonderful world of the supermarket.

1 Sep
One of the more... interesting, decorations we've had on our tree.

One of the more… interesting, decorations we’ve had on our tree.

Yesterday I did the weekly food shop with my family at an unnamed supermarket and I noticed something… interesting. Selection boxes and chocolate Advent calendars. I’m not joking.

Now I love Christmas, I mean really love Christmas. Both my mother and I like making our own decorations and cards ready for the Holiday. We have ever since I was little, but even we have our limitations. (We’re not allowed to start until the October half term)

I understand that Christmas in 2013 is very much a watered down commercialized version of a long running celebration day. Despite it being one of the most important dates on the Christian calendar it is celebrated by many who completely disregard religion and I accept that. I would be lying if I said I’m still an avid church goer and that I didn’t have my own personal reservations towards organised religion but really?

It’s August… well September now but still.

Most stores still have their “Back-2-skool” range out and no where is even looking at Halloween yet. Are we really ready for Christmas? No.

If you’re one of those people buying ahead already… really?

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