Budgeted life: Books

28 Aug

50p at a carboot recently. Not my typical choice but a good read.

As a student I have to keep to budget which can lead to a few problems. Luckily enough for me I don’t really drink  and I love to cook which Immediately leaves me without the prominent problems of most students. However as well as being a student I am also a bit of a geek. (Hence the visit to MCM Biringham earlier this year) 

I may have mentioned in a previous post that I love to read and have a bit of an obsession with books. Life without them is something I can’t begin to comprehend and never plan to. There are five things every avid reader needs to keep in mind when buying books on a budget, however nice it would be constantly just waltzing into Waterstones isn’t exactly affordable for most people.

5. The internet.

Patience is not a virtue I posses, in fact it is rather the opposite. Once in a while though the difference between less than £4 with delivery for a book rather than nearly a tenner is pretty persuasive. You can get plenty of used books super cheap on amazon and often even new copies for not much more. Green metropolis is great, with a set price of £3.75 plus delivery you can get twice as much for your money then a high street book retailer. Oh and go look up the book people.

4. The kindle option.

Okay so it doesn’t have to be a kindle but an e-reader can minimize your book spending by massive amounts. Yes you have to buy the e-reader in the first place but then you can find some little pieces of joy in some of the ridiculously cheap or even free books out there. A lot of classic books, now outside of copyright restrictions are completely free. For reading on the go being even more compact Iphone, ipad and Ipod touch users can go for the apple bookstore. I spent a night reading through The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on my touch a while back. No reading on an e-reader of any kind is not the same as reading a real book but it can be really convenient and work out a lot cheaper.

3. The Loyalty Card.

Sometimes you walk past your local bookshop and well… you can’t help yourself. Personally mine is a Watersones so I decided it was time to get my first loyalty card. I’m gad I did actually, I found a little gem of an idea that every reader needs in there lives. Read and review. After signing up for an account on the Waterstones site and registering my loyalty card I was given the chance to ask for a free copy of a book which I can read, review and keep… That is possibly the best thing I have ever been told by a website. There’s also the obvious building up points and using them later on thing that once in a while gets you a free book.

2. The library.

It’s more than likely that you have a local library. Having been a pupil librarian in secondary school I have to say that I love the places. Giant rooms full of books that I can borrow for free? Good times. I understand however that this isn’t for everyone. However nice it is not having to spend a penny on the books you also don’t get to keep them. Personally I like having a massive collection of books, not just because of how good they look on shelves but there’s just something magical about it.

1. Secondhand bookstores and car-boot sales.

Weather it be your local charity shop or you’re lucky enough to have a cute little local or even the jumble sale that is the car-boot. These are the places of cheap books of all kinds. My most recent visit to one was perfectly timed. With a bank holiday they decided to have a sale with 15% off everything except the massive selection of 50p books. I manage to get 8 books for £4 and with 3 others the total came to just over £11. Seriously, 11 books for that much. Best. Haul. Ever. (on top of that this choice can always lead you to read something you love and otherwise wouldn’t have bothered with)

Of course It goes without saying you need to keep an eye out for offers and sales in your local bookstores. Make sure you look around and if you’re really desperate just don’t walk past the book store.

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