11 Aug
Bow My head as I look away.
Guilt building up, stomach aching
I can’t look at you, not today.
Gripping the bar, my heat is breaking.
The dreams the hopes the love the lies,
never so beautiful were my dreams.
Will we ever break these worn out ties?
It’s time to face the music and fight the salt water streams.
In awe of the power, the power of words.
No one has had such a perfect muse,
they haven’t ever flown on the wings of birds.
It is a privilege that I do abuse.
Can I ever really let you go?
Give my inspiration?
I think that answer is no.
Much to my distorted elation.
You happen to be of use to me,
to my endless despair.
Me and you wont ever come to be.
I guess I can work with that in the air.
This is my response to today’s daily post. 

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