Creation and Documenting the self.

27 Jul

Looking back over the past few months of my blog I’m helpless to a small smile that is on my face. I have hit 69 subscribers. 69… yes I’m laughing at that number but more importantly I’m smiling about it.

As primarily a writer, partially a film maker and a photographer I love nothing more than creation. As a human being, specifically a teenage girl, I feel some need for recognition and attention for the things I have created, not to mention the confusing need to document all of it. I have’t really got anything to play on, I’m as normal as a geek can get, pretty well off and relatively content. Well as content as one can be.

Put simply this is a thank you to all of you. To many people out there 69 certainly isn’t a lot but when you struggle with social stuff in general 69 means a lot. Despite that fact I’m giggling still at 69, It’s kind of nice knowing that out there someone is reading and watching and wanting to see more of what I have to do.

Thank you, it means a lot guys 🙂

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