9 Jul

The rolling green seemingly endless

The forever endeavour spurring me on

The fresh little breeze tugging my hair

The silky soft words that lay in my brain

The thing about memories and how you appear

Twisted, contorted through a rose coloured lens.

The golden straw soft as a feather

The star shining bright throughout the dullest day

The rain the sun and the never ending sigh

The glittering blue of the big bright ocean

The mirror image reflected in pearls

Out of my mind, hopeless and out of control.

The never knowing fool at the end of it all

The people who you wish would keep out or stay in

The never made up mind of what should I do today

The heat that’s hard to beat clouding judgement

The one you never forget with the beautiful views and the sweet soft warmth

Outside of the world and outside of yourself.

This is my response to today’s daily prompt.

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