Books, a passion ongoing.

24 Jun

secondhand bookshop in WarwickshireHaving recently moved flats at university from halls into my own little flat that is gratefully lacking in unbearable people (there’s always a few in first year) I have come to realize something. I have too much stuff. Most notably, books.

The average student will have a few text books etc that are course related which of course I have. Then there’s the the students with shelves full of DVD’s and books that stay at home and never make it to uni. Then there’s me who on top of that has what I like to call my uni shelf. I swear it was small in September, I swear…

It would appear that even with the lack of my favorite book store, the astley book farm, I have still bought a few over the year. I would be lying if I’d said I read them all but my god walk in to buy one book and its on buy one get one half price… what’s a girl to do? Sadly with only a Waterstones and a few charity shops to it’s name Aber isn’t great for books so I still haven’t bought a normal years worth.

Now I’m home for a little while there is another problem on the way. Shelf space. There just isn’t enough of the stuff which leads to another, greater, more pressing issue.

What do I get rid of and what do I keep?

3 Responses to “Books, a passion ongoing.”

  1. timberbookshelves June 24, 2013 at 20:54 #

    Keep them all and get more shelves. I have found in the past that the guilty feeling of looking at a few books I should not have purchased has stayed with me when I go to bookshops. If you don’t do something like this you will be doomed like so many others to repeat the purchase pattern. I give this piece of advice only now and again as bookshops depend on impulse purchases and I depend on bookshops. Hope it helps.

    • namelessnonfiction June 24, 2013 at 21:11 #

      It’s a great idea thank you, I just don’t really have the space for more shelving.


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