Summer, starting with a bang

2 Jun

ImageSo last week I had my final exam of the year. I am no longer a fresher… God I feel old. I got lucky with dates and started my summer in the best way possible, a gig. A Muse gig. The day after my exam.

My holiday has already opened with ticking something big off the bucket list, I want to keep it that way. This weekend coming I move flats which is a whole other kettle of fish.

Now when I say I am a Muse fan I mean that the thought that I have seen Stockholm Syndrome preformed with my own two eyes and heard it with my ears is some what fantastic. The amount of fangirling I need to do about this is rather incredible. For anyone wondering, they are great live. I can’t describe how amazed I was by it all and just how good they were. I thought H.A.A.R.P. was impressive, this was just… wow. I genuinely wish I could thank them for that night, it was pretty fricking great.

Let’s just hope summer keeps going the way it already has. Got plans for a week in Norfolk, another convention and a week with the mates from home.

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