5 Top tips for student food: Food Revolution Day 2013

17 May

Friday has come around head to youtube if you can to see the livestream still ongoing and go tweet #FRD2013. It’s all about fresh food and teaching people to cook. So hear are my top tips for eating well on a student budget. 

1. Cook in bulk.

Then freeze it later. So I’ve got a recipe perfect for this in the form of a basic pasta sauce but you can do it with pretty much any sauce based recipe, stew or soup.

2. Bulk it up with some veg.

Whatever it is you’re cooking it could probably do well with a grated carrot or two in there maybe some spinach thrown in at the end. Some fresh veg wont cost much and your meal will make more portions and fill you up more. (not to mention being that little bit healthier)

3. Plan your meals

Now we all have those days where we fancy something in particular but generally we just eat what we’ve got at hand as students. Plan your meals and buy ingredients as a weekly shop, not only will you have everything you need at hand but you’ll save some money along the way.

4. Pay attention to what you’re buying

So rather then buy chicken breasts, buy a chicken. It’ll cost the same or even less depending on where you buy and it’ll go twice as far in keeping you fed. Roast it up and you’ve got a great sharing meal or a week of leftovers.

5. Re purpose your leftovers.

You don’t need to eat the same meal for a week to use up your left overs. So say you’ve got left over chicken and some frozen portions of sauce, you can do a fair lot with that. Combine the two with some pasta and a sprinkle of cheese and you’ve got a great healthy meal to chow down on. Or throw in some spices/curry past and you’ve got a great chicken curry. Then that curry could even go into some samosas… see where I’m going with this? Get creative and you’ll get better meals out of less money.

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