2 am.

28 Apr

This is what happens when you have little to do and stay awake till two am, you write a poem that you’re not sure if you like or not so you put it on the internet anyway.

Saying goodbye to faith

Drifting through the endless dark

watching the wild, feeling the bark.

Untamed twigs falling from trees

soft buzzing, the sound of bees.

Long and low murmuring winds

woods go on, subtly thinned.

Bitter sweet song of roused birds

nothing to you, idle words.

Dawn breaks the light is so soft

creeping in around the edge

falling down the snow hill sledge.

Before you feel it, the burn.

Sleepless night you toss and turn.

The question is long in debate

wondering about your fate.

The drawn out howl of tired wolves,

all that hate and you are gone.

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