Geektastic Adventures

21 Apr

S1320014Over the past few weeks I had the joy of indulging my inner nerd and going to a convention  something I haven’t done in a year or two. I ran into some friends from home and had a pretty good day, spending slightly more money then normal.

My weekend began with a 3 hour train journey to Birmingham from Aber followed by a good half hour of queuing. The line went around the edge of an exhibition hall and by the time I was done had grown to begin zig zaging across the room. I’ve got to give some respect to the event organizers though, normally a queue that long would have taken more then an hour.

S1320010Some intelligent event runner decided to send cosplay competition entrants to walk through the line, letting people get their photos and provide a small amount of entertainment. There were several Stormtrooper’s of different varieties, a classic 70’s cylon, some jedi and best of all… THE STIG.

The event continued with me buying some pretty cool stuff and eyeing up some amazing stands. I managed to get four autographs throughout the two days including Ace, and the 6th doctor as well as two stars of primeval. As for the stands… wow. I wish I had more money to spend. Even aside that some of them were just amazing to look at and hilarious in themselves.

One of the highlights of the event had to be the cantina. Down by a few of the little food stands the infamous music played and apparently I was on Mos Eisley. There was a fantastic set up of some life size star wars models including one of my favorites, salacious crumb. Over all it was a great weekend, I caught up with some friends from home and relieved one of my favorite child hood memories.  Words can’t describe just how excited I am about the prospect of heading off to collector mania Milton Keynes next month.

Below are some of the best photos taken while there, the heads of a wookie, mon calamari and a gammorrean. Some brilliant cosplayers. My hauls of bits and bobs including the millennium falcon transformers (£4!) and the most beautiful notebook I ever have and ever will own. Salacious crumb and George Lucas just chilling and yes… Stormtroopers… on dance dance revolution.


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