An important decision: NaNoWriMo

14 Mar

NaNoLogoIf you aren’t sure what NaNoWriMo is click here. If you did or you’ve just come back from that link you can probably guess what I’m about to tell you. This year I’m going to take part in NaNoWriMo.

I discovered it the other year just filtering my way through the internet as you do. Last summer I had an idea that might have been worth novel form. Sadly November came and I found myself halfway through the month remembering it’s existence just as work and general uni life really became prioritized.

However as you may have noticed I’ve been starting to work on a project with the working title Arcon. I have some notes and odd snippets that I’ve written but nothing really quantifiable. Realistically that needs to change if I’m ever going to get anywhere with it so I’ve set myself an aim. by the 30th November 2013 I will have a first draft.

Over the next couple of month’s I’m going to get around to deciding how many chapters there are going to be, what happens in each, who does what etc. There’s going to be a lot of planning going on and I’ll have the summer to sit down and get them all organised into a coherent mess rather then the sporadic post it’s and pages in multiple notebooks that I have at the minute.


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