The Problem with the Academy

24 Feb

As I’m sure you’re all aware tonight is the 85th Academy Awards. Now before I begin my disgruntled rant I just have to say congrats to whoever does win. It’s an honor and I hope you appreciate it.

That aside am I the only one slightly irritated by the nominations? Like a lot of film students and nerds a like I wish I could meet Christopher Nolan to thank him personally. After Batman and Robin I don’t  think a reboot trilogy could have been better. Yet the trilogy has two Oscars to it’s name both going to the middle film and no nominations for The Dark Knight Rises and one for Batman Begins. Outside of this Nolan has but one nomination in script writing for Memento and Inception had a nomination for best picture. How has it come to be that one of the best director/writers of our time has produced work of that quality and has not received an Oscar?

One of the obvious reasons would be the films release dates. Batman being Batman it came in as one of this years most popular blockbusters as the previous two films did. Sadly there’s some sort of glitch in the Academy nomination system that drastically lowers the chance of a summer release getting the critical reception and acclaim it is worth. Nolan is not the only sufferer with these as the only acting credit to get recognized in The Oscars was the well deserved posthumous award to Heath ledger for his performance of the Joker.

Another big problem presented here is the idea of genre prejudice. The Artist, The King’s Speech and The Hurt Locker were the big winners of previous years and do I really need to point out the blatant pattern here? All of these films dwell within reality and it only helps my point that one of these is a biopic. The King’s speech was good in all fairness. I can’t say the same for The Hurt Locker, yes it was better then Avatar but it was also up against District 9 and Up so there’s no excuse here. The Artist… did anyone actually watch it? I didn’t mainly because of the incredibly pretentious trailer.

I guess my point here is really about quality. Do the Oscars really give the deserving nominee the right award?Or do they even give out the nominations appropriately  I understand that this isn’t the people’s choice awards but sometimes pretense needs to be taken out of the mix.

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