Taking time out

19 Feb

S1180020Over the past few weeks I’ve been rather busy with work so writing has taken a bit of a back seat. We’ve begun working on our seven films in seven weeks project for the media production module this semester. We make a film a week with two hours for filming on a Monday morning and they must be edited and uploaded to YouTube for 5 pm Thursday. So far we’re on week 4 and I’ve just spent a lot of time today faffing around getting our production blog sorted out as the module leaders are checking our progress with them on Friday.

S1180028On top of the other module, Studying TV, actually having a bit of a social life and other general bits of uni life the amount of work this involves has left me with not a lot of free time. Yesterday I briefly noticed the time of day and the light outside and realized that it was just about sunset. One of the thing’s I had been adamant about doing is getting a good picture of the sun set and since Aberyswyth is by the Sea… well I took up the opportunity. I grabbed my camera and two minutes later I was walking along the sea front, taking in the view and having a few minutes to just think. Sometimes people need to do that.


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