Review: Django Unchained.

6 Feb

So last night I made the short trip round the corner to my local single screen cinema The Commodore. Other then the Arts Center cinema this is all we have in the little town of Aberyswyth so as you can Imagine it was pretty busy given the film is only showing this week before changing to Gangster squad. Still the charm of the little old fashioned cinema. Django is the central character acting out a tale of slavery and freedom with a western twist with Dr King Schultz, a dentist turned bounty hunter, trying to help him free his wife.

As the atypical film student, I have to admit I am not usual the biggest fan of Quentin Tarrantino. (Something that I don’t bother saying in a seminar being aware of the fan base that exists.) However Django was… brilliant. A pleasant surprise by any definition.

I guess I should first explain my controversial opinion on the well loved director, seeing as the film was very recognizable in style. Firstly, like many directors appearing in their own work, he comes across as just the slightest bit self obsessed. His cameos often involving a tongue in cheek bordering on the offensive rant which personally he just isn’t very good at. If that’s what I want out of a film and it’s director I’ll go for a full on comedy and most likely something in the Kevin Smith department. Secondly there is nothing wrong with violence but it is just a little gratuitous with the ever so slightly over the top use of blood. Do I need to comment on how dead Mr Orange would have been before the infamous shoot out in Resevoir Dogs?

However that is a matter purely down to personal taste and I urge everyone to ignore my living up to a gender stereotype seeing as I think we all wish these were no longer things. Yes I am female, yes I think that not all the violence was needed. That doesn’t mean I don’t like violence; it also doesn’t mean that I think The Notebook is the best film ever. (For those who do I recommend watching The Time Traveler’s wife. It had a lot more to say and a much more compelling couple to focus on.)

Any who… Django Unchained was a pleasure to watch. Beautiful cinematography coupled with the fantastic performances and partially signature ironic use of music were merely the icing on the cake. Jamie Foxx gave a touching performance as protagonist Django a long side the unusual yet genius casting of our antagonist Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie.

Other than my personal distaste for Tarantino the only real criticism I can give the film was the running time.  It was pretty damn long. Overall a fantastic film that outlived my expectations. 4/5 stars.

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