Question 2# So who’s your protagonist?

19 Dec

As a fan of character driven work I have to start to ask myself about the characters living in the fictitious world of Arcon. The piece of poetry seen here however is not the character I’m going to set out today. Rather, the mate who has to deal with whats lead him to that place and the way the world pans out after this.

For storytelling purposes I will not be revealing what has happened. However I will introduce Teague and Fergus. The role of protagonist is currently debatable due to the unstable written form at this stage of the game. In their simplest descriptions Teague and Fergus are best friends with each other as well as Murdoch and Kane.

Fergus is the man with a plan. Ever so slightly insane due to prior events. Due to plot line, personality traits are inconsistent and unclear, even to Teague.

Teague however never used to have a plan but has sort of been forced into it. The reasoning behind this is rather complicated and will be later explained. Very much a normal person.

Kane. One of the other two. The unlucky guy who needs a hand. Not an angry brother of biblical proportions.

Murdoch. A little crazy but a good guy. Not to be confused with fergus due to the insanity.

This is only my four central characters in their basic descriptions, they are further developed but not to a point that I am currently willing to reveal. Constructive criticism is welcome by all. Any suggestions are equally welcome as another creative mind can often be of use to anyone.

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