Arcon: Character creation part one

10 Dec

I previously mentioned I have begun designing a fictitious universe called Arcon. There’s very little to say about what I will be writing other then that and character names which will be given their own post at some later point simply because there’s a lot I haven’t planned out yet.

Evernote Snapshot 20121210 200005As a reader I have a thing for well developed characters, something I also have a passion for in film. Therefore It seems pretty obvious to me that I need to develop some good characters of my own if I hope to get anywhere with the writing I have planned. A part of that means I need to spend some time exploring the characters I have in mind. In doing this I decided I was going to write from a characters perspective to help me get how they would respond to certain things clear. The first piece of writing I have produced from this that I’m willing to let others see is a poem from the perspective of a character who at this stage of the game is called Fergus. As of yet I am not going to reveal his importance to the plot line.

This poem is titled: The Sonnet of a Broken Mans Long Gone Mind.

Sit and watch the world burn a thousand times.
Endless streams of broken words as are our hearts.
No need of a reason, no need of rhyme.
I never quite found all of the parts
leaving a finite presence on this earth.
The grand scale of it all does not compare.
Right from our beginning, straight from our birth.
Objectivity is so very rare
My mental state now so poorly defined.
Lopsided and chilled a fractured ice smile.
Keep on talking, I was loosing my mind.
It’s been broken and gone for quite a while
I am still expected to be human.
Outwardly I am, like a dimly faded tan.

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