Question #1: A whole new world.

7 Dec

So part of my writing process at the moment involves the creation of a universe. There are so many little details that I feel the need to get right, continuity and such.

One of the best ways to keep all of this organised is to ask myself questions about it all. What is going to be the central setting of the piece? How am I going to keep characters in such a foreign landscape relate-able? How am I going to accurately portray something I have not yet and probably never will experience? How am I going to prevent too many similarities between my own work and another’s, or real life for that matter?

These are the big complicated questions that are going to take time, revision, and redrafting to sort out. However first I need to get down to basics. Simple area descriptions, standard character set ups and names. The kind of details that I will avoid changing throughout the drafting process. The kind of details that set it all up in my head.

So to begin with I have to ask myself the first big question about the universe I am going to create. What is it called?

That in itself is an almost impossible question to answer given the current lack of development, before I deal with that I need to deal with planets, moons, stars etc. Then the smaller stuff life towns cities and villages, not forgetting the personalities they contain. The people, the events and the buildings that make up the very soul of what is going on. Or if buildings will even be a thing, maybe a different species on a different planet will create a completely different way of living. They could be completely weatherproof and live outside for all I know. The creation of it all almost has a sense of an infinite instability.

So for now that title is up for maneuverability, the possibility of change. Just to give myself comfort however it is currently titled Arcon.

This information is subject to change.

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