5 Improvements in Superhero movies

20 Sep

Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably noticed how great superhero movies have gotten. I’m not saying any of the older ones were bad, they’re not. They stuck to the comics and delivered what was needed at the time of release. However now we have Kevin Fiege and Christopher Nolan giving audiences something a little different. Something a hell of a lot more real. Yet again in descending order: 5. Back stories. Unlike my previous post, I’m going to have to talk about Batman. So in 1989 Tim Burton Micheal Keaton and Jack Nicholson gave us Batman, with bit of Joker on the side. The film itself is great, it would be wrong to say otherwise. However the thing is so little was spent looking at Bruce Wayne. Oh look my parents are dead and now I’m a superhero! I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but it leaves a lot to be questioned about the character. Batman Begins however told us a hell of a lot about Bruce Wayne. Not only that it’s there in all the three of the films in that canon. As a broken man climbs out of a prison to head back to his city he is surrounded by a poignant moment of his childhood. Even before the bats and the flashbacks movie goers can see the parallels between Bruce’s escape and his encounter that resulted in Batman. We saw Bruce suffer in Batman Begins and it didn’t stop there, the character kept developing. The plot continued to draw on the background of the deaths of Mr and Mrs Wayne and Bruce’s journey that lead him to become a “symbol”. 4. Dialogue So as you may be able to tell I have this thing about dialogue and quotes as you can see here. Joss Whedon certainly new what he was doing with Avengers Assemble. From fantastic one liners like “Puny God” to the almost cliche speeches pouring out of Loki, Whedon really hit the mark this time. The various references, such as “Point Break” to “Shakespeare in the park” only aided the films perfect balance of comedy. Nolan however went for a more serious route with the batman trilogy. There’s something creepy, fantastic and well.. right about the moment we hear “you complete me”. Inside all of the chaos going on inside of The Joker’s mind nothing could be more true. (I context of the so called “nolanverse”) Despite the darker tones set throughout, particularly in the “magic trick”, the dialogue is again brilliant. I may have loved Burton’s approach but there’s something sad about the lack memorable quotes in the 1989 reboot. 3. Special Effects I’m not the greatest advocate of how great special effects are. I’ll leave my opinions on the subject for another post. However I have been watching these films. Now one of the things I LOVE about Christopher Nolan’s work is the severe lack of CGI. We all saw the spinning room in Inception, that thing was real. As is the most recent Batmobile, also dubbed the “tumblers”. It worked and did everything it was supposed to, including becoming the Batpod. Despite my dislike of CGI I have to admit it has it’s place. My favorite use recently would have to be The Destroyer in Thor. The fight scene hits right as the film begins to climax and just looks fantastic. I don’t even have to explain how great the having a Jarvis like interface would be. 2. Casting Please note I am not talking about acting quality, even though that is a factor. I have to say Heath Ledger turned out to be a great choice as a believer that even without his death the Oscar was well deserved. I have to think back though, casting the pretty boy from 10 things I hate about you as your lead villain is brave. Yes he performed well in his controversial role in Brokeback Mountain but even still that’s not quite the same as your average make up wearing psychopath. It was this that kept my doubts at bay about Hathaway as Selina Kyle. She wasn’t exactly my first choice for the role but it turned out well in the end. Sadly I’m going to have to do it. I’m going to have to talk about George Clooney. If I had been aware of the world of superheroes when 4 years old I would have thought “what a great choice for Bruce Wayne”. No… just no. 1. Post Credits Scenes Do i need to explain this one? It’s not the newest technique in film making but when it comes to Marvel I can’t think of anything that helped their most recent films more. Building up the hype and giving  audiences insights into what to expect. From the beginning of Phase one, way back when Edward Norton was The Incredible Hulk Marvel decided that the post credits were the way to go. By the time Avengers Assemble arrived everything linked in, it all made sense as the scenes were integral to the interlinking of the series.  Then there was the image we were left with as an audience. Thanos.

The Final still from Avengers Assemble, copyright Marvel Studios

Oh, and we can’t forget the schwarma.

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  1. amandalovesmovies September 21, 2012 at 00:18 #

    This is a new era of Superhero movies. Nolan is great at exposing the darker side, while The Avenger movies bring on the fun. Check out my review of The Avenger http://amandalovesmovies.com/2012/05/15/the-avengers

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