Marvel’s Movie Magic: Can it last?

7 Sep

Yet again I’m taking time out of my day to watch Thor. Partially thanks to sky movies. As part of Marvel studios “phase one” Thor sets up two of the key characters in Avengers Assemble. Thor, the lovable demi-god with a bit of an ego and  glorious hair. Loki, the archetypal second in line to the throne villain with a few parallels to our heroes.

I have to ask myself whilst watching, could the sequel really live up to this? Now that Avengers Assemble has blown our minds (and yeah the second Iron Man was good) how will the next installments live up to the standard? The second Avengers film hits theaters in 2015… It makes me sad to think I have to wait so long. Well until then we’ll just have to watch the team members be stars on their own. Phase 2 has a lot in store for eager audiences…

The first on set image of Iron Man 3, released earlier this year by Marvel Studios. Hosted here by, click the image for more.

2013 brings with it Iron Man 3 and Thor: The dark world. Little has been said about Iron Man 3 since Robert Downey Jr’s on set injury however before then an on set still, some concept art and the mark VIII were sent our way. Additions to the cast will include Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce and James Badge Dale as Jon Favreau steps out of the directors chair to be replaced by Shane Black.  Much less has been said about Thor however. Most news of the sequel comes with the title, casting and villains. Christopher Eccleston is set to play Malekith the accursed, leading the dark elves of Svartalfheim. Tom Hiddleston is also set to return as Loki but I have to ask what will Odin deem a suitable punishment? 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters in 2014. Now, I can’t have been the only one who though what the hell are The Guardians of the Galaxy? That lead me here: where I was fascinated by the different characters. It looks like they will need to be brought in along with our post credits Avengers bad guy Thanos. Captain America rumors coming from marvel at the minute include Baron Zemo as a villain and the return of Bucky Barnes, Cap’s sidekick who last we saw of him was falling to his death. The role of the female lead is still up for debate and casting, leaving fans guessing.

Ant Man. With an unknown release date has an interesting choice of director on Marvel’s part. Edgar Wright is well known for his sense of humor. Having had hits with Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs The World he is currently working on The World’s End, rounding off what has been called “The Cornetto Trilogy”. Some test footage of the shrinking superhero was shown at this years comic con and the director has claimed to be aiming to begin filming this year. Little else has been said so far so we will have to wait for news on that one.

In May 2015 the second Avengers film will hit screens. Joss Whedon is working with marvel studios until at least 2015 and has agreed to direct the sequel to his summer blockbuster. Much more importantly It has been confirmed that a T.V. series based around S.H.I.E.L.D. is in the pipelines. If anyone knows how to do good T.V. It’s Joss, after his years on Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse it’s fair to say he knows what hes doing.

I don’t know. The news and rumors coming from marvel say : YES. We can keep doing this and doing it well. My better judgement however doesn’t agree. Avengers Assemble was an incredible high note in the studios production history. It’s hard to keep that kind of quality up.

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