Poem: Exorcism

31 Aug

Shocking little moments burned into
the imagination, never observed.
Forever lit up, a fiery intense hue
spotting the lips disturbingly curved.

There you are, an effervescent smile,
the sun scorching my dried out skin.
All this done with an effortless style.
Knowing, I was never going to win,

forever haunting my tired mind.
Watch the world spin round, passing me by,
always wondering if I’m truly blind.
Take a moment, look up at the sky,
wishing for things I may never find.
I just had to try.

Saying goodbye to my monster.
Forget all the pain, let all the joy go
as the world falls apart around me.
Time to move on
Time to say no.


So there’s some interesting poetry for you. The art of moving on.

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