Social Olympics: I have too much time on my hands

13 Aug

As a teenager I managed to be on holiday throughout London 2012. This meant I had plenty of time to watch the BBC coverage live. Maybe a little too much of my summer has been spent watching sport rather then doing anything productive like continuing on the story I’m working on. None the less I took advantage of that time, living in Coventry however I was also given the fantastic opportunity of being up the road from part of the games and being in the same time zone as the games.

Ricoh pre olypic game

The pre-match view of the “Coventry football ground.” Locally known as The Ricoh Arena.

This lead to a family Saturday out, the first in an incredibly long time given I’m hopefully off to uni if Thursday (results day) goes to plan and my brother is in his late 20’s. A short walk from home and we were in our seats waiting for the two preliminary round men’s games to start.

I took a moment to remember the only other football game I’d seen live in my life, only a few rows of seats down. Crystal Palace won against Coventry 4-0. Watching your hometown lose isn’t the most interesting to those who enjoy the sport. For 11 year old me it was pretty dull and is probably what has put me off the sport since.

In the first match Mexico beat Gabon with a fantastic 2 nill. No doubt using the skills that earnt them the Gold defeating Brazil in the final match of the competition. The defeat being something my mother found amazing.

Secondly South Korea and Switzerland came to a draw, not a major issue for either team at this point in the competition. Unlike the penalty shoot out South Korea would face later up against Team GB. That one could have cost them their bronze if one of our players hadn’t decided to get over confident. So overall a pretty great day out and I have to say some fantastic fans particularly on the South Korean side. Most likely the last one for another long time. Maybe until one of us has had kids. I could write about that one day.

It being the summer of 2012, the year of celebrating all that is British it is simply wrong to claim that social media hasn’t impacted on the 30th Olympiad despite my personal experience. Not only the Olympics but the Diamond Jubilee and a century of the Titanic have been thrown at the world this year through the wonderful world wide web.   As a whole any questions I had of the Olympics were answered by turning to one or two of the apps on my iPod.

Screen shot of the Google interactive logo

Yet again Google went ahead and delivered with their logos, there seems to be nothing more amazing then the interactive element. Not only that but chrome took two words to take me straight to the medals tables, and I could not be more proud to have placed third. I’m sure I’ve written about pride once, some bad fanficton maybe, or the coursework I wrote on Se7en.

As for social networking Twitter and Facebook overflowed with London 2012. From links to articles about today’s new Google logo to your average status updates and tweets of “GO TEAM GB”. My personal contribution being “YES TOM DALEY” after the tension of the mens 10m platform diving final.

For most people Yes, social media would have had a massive impact on their view of the Olympics. Me, I had too much time on my hands, something I’ll no doubt miss in a couple of months. This gave me the privilege of watching more sport then I have in my lifetime. Possibly more then I  ever will again.

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