Revision: Teenaged mumblings

12 Aug

I’ve just spent  few minutes going over an old poem originally posted here:

and here is the revised version:

Teenaged Mumblings

Where did we loose it all?
Questions never answered
In a sea of adolescent hormones…
meaningless teenage “i love you”s drifting away
empty whispers of “you’re beautiful”
false words on foolish ears
while the film on the TV is left forgotten.
Late nights and early mornings with facebook
Now here we are.

Post salvageable
And a broken sigh from a lonely heart
Look’s like I’m joining sergeant peppers.

All these internal monologues
Here I am, mumbling.
So many thoughts a continual flow
That cannot yet hold power.

Power comes with experience
Power comes with knowledge
Power comes with… well it’s pretty confusing

Something a teenager does not have yet
Only the beginnings are there
Seedlings that leave questioning,
begging to curl and twist like vines

Yet again I wonder where it all went wrong
And why neither of us can explain
Or what makes me continue to care
wondering if you do

There you are
Probably letting any emotion in this leave you quickly
Ready to cut your beautiful hair
I watch letting any hop ebb away.

So I’m back at the start.

Wondering why
Left in square one.

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