I’m alive! Yet slightly annoyed.

31 Jul

OK so I haven’t blogged for a while, I guess I just get distracted and carried away with things. A lot has changed since I’ve last touched my account.Both about me and my situation in life. An additional family member came to be on May 20th with the adoption of our beautiful dog Zoey. I have completed my A level exams and am praying to be off to Aberyswyth University in September. Overall life seems to be getting along alright. 

On a more urgent note however an idea for a nameless piece of fiction has been milling about in my head for the past few weeks. Yesterday inspiration hi,t causing me to have been awake much later then planned. It’s the first time that the planning process has come so naturally. Something that means I should keep writing while everything seems to click. Editing comes later, after the first draft is finished.

I’m not quite sure what got me thinking about it yesterday but I was just pondering what I had written whilst walking the dog. It occurred to me the first person prose was not going to have the create shock in the first chapter at the level of intensity that I wanted it to. That and as you may have guessed I have a tendency to ramble bout absolute crap, something continued when writing in the 1st person fictitiously.  Soon key plot points started to fall into place and now I actually know where I want the story to go.

Like the poetry written when I was younger, one of the things I can’t help but notice is how spontaneous inspiration is. It amazes me to see how personal experience plays into what I’m writing at the time, be it relevant or detail specific. Everything is important.

What’s annoying me now is the misconception by people my age that English teachers are talking nonsense. And the fact I used to agree with that. English lit taught me a  lot about the importance of form, structure and language. It would be a lie to say that my writing, both stylistically and creatively, hasn’t improved. All that time thinking about other writers decisions has left me thinking more about my own.

I would like to think I will actually keep up with the blogging. It’s summer, I’ve got the time to spend and it can only help. I think…

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