The kitchen, still at home

15 Aug

With it today brought mission cake: redo. Yesterday I spent my evening attempting to make chocolate cake and much to my dismay, it failed and so I tried again. Now we have no eggs left. This second attempt, brilliantly enough, worked and cooked through properly.

The cake

So that’s the final product. Not the best looking but primarily it tastes nice. Beyond cake baking I’ve actually done very little over the course of the day other then watching the series of pride and prejudice and reading a book. After having recently read pride and prejuidice for english lit this year i decided to watch the series and I can’t help but find it funny. In terms of the book its The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice. So far it’s pretty interesting so there you go.

Sanddunes at barmouth

Throughout my child hood I often went to barmouth beach with my family and after looking through for todays photo I found a more recent one of the beautiful area. I still go when I can and I’m in wales, I geuss it’s like keeping up tratdition. Seeing as its the first beach I ever set foot on. A particular memory is of nan, grandad, two cousins and a partially rainy day. Not unusually nan had cooked gammon for a picnic on the beach the previous night. However this simply resulted in rain and eating gammon sandwhichs and chips in the car. Oddly enough this memorys stuck with me, and I can’t help smiling about it. Why I’m not entirely sure. I geuss its just memories of better days.


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