Home, the sofa specifically

13 Aug

Sitting on the sofa starting a new blog, a new way to vent my  impending doom involving results day on the 18th of August. I’m listening to youtube videos I’ve seen countless times out of sheer boredom and another form of increasingly pointless procrastionation as I watch Saturday night tick by ever repetitivly.

A part of me is reading what I’ve just typed and thinking: wow, what a load of irrelevant twoddle on my screen, a blog is oh so useful to helping me write my personal statement and making me look great. Then theres another issue of the complete inoriginality of the title of somethoughtsfrom that is obviously not at all based on some of the simplest ideas on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STZdi7aTuOU&feature=channel_video_title Yes I do understand that a blog is considerably different from a vlog. Its completely impossible through the written form to completely describe the view I currently have of my front room, partially because as the high traffic area of my home this view seems to be endlessly changing.

Anyone reading this blog is probably thinking the same thing I’ve said at the start of the previous paragraph, mainly because in the end that opinion is very acurate. I would say its very unlikely a writing a blog is going to be of little use to me at all but in the end that in itself seems to be a false statement. Whilst yes, it is not going to help me in my university application or anything of that sort of ideal the blog writing experience has many other benficial factors eg:

  • My own ability to write… well type but the skills are pretty interlinked, and as an English student the craft of the written form is not a new interest. There is some ambition behind the idea of one day becoming a published writer but the likely hood of that is another issue.
  • Stress relief is surprisingly somethingelse that comes to mind. For a long time the human race has picked up interesting habits and one of these is journal writing or keeping a diary in the hope that somehow they become more understood as a person. It seems to me that the idea of noting down all of these little interesting things online is certainly a good way of doing so.
  • Most importantly the online experience. As a teenager, soon to be young adult, living with all the benefits of 21st century freedom and techonolgy that it seems only now exist the world is a very interesting place and the internet allows a much more liberal experience of this. I live in a scociety that gives me control over who I talk to and when and possibly even with people on the other side of the planet to me, something that only a century ago (which is actually not too long a period of time) would have been only barely concievable.

The colliseum, Rome.

Taken on Holiday in 2008 on a cruise around the mediterranean. Something I think would be cool to do in these blog posts is show snipets of my life s experience in pictures and this is one that I personally think as being pretty Important, and being three years old is a slightly interesting place to begin. I mean yes chronology is important but why worry about it?

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